GPS Fleet Tracking: Best Fleet Vehicle Tracker and Software

Smart Real-Time Tracking for Your Vehicles

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A Performance-Minded Solution for Businesses Across a Wide Range of Verticals

Ideal for HVAC, Electric, Plumbing, and other contractors or businesses that rely on fleets for servicing customers or transporting equipment and laborers to and from job sites.

Get more from fleet performance with a reliable and easy-to-use tracking solution:

  • Designed with an intuitive interface that saves time
  • Features a robust performance dashboard highlighting the most important information
  • Automatically alerts you to the movement of fleet assets
  • Delivers unparalleled insight into fleet use, efficiency, performance, and location

Reliably and efficiently track fleets from the parking lot to project sites and every mile along the way.

Your fleet is the lifeblood of your business. Your fleet transports people, assets, equipment, and materials from Point A to Point B. Knowing precisely where every vehicle in your fleet is at any given time is paramount to reducing costs, projecting timelines, optimizing schedules, and improving the efficiency of operations.

Get personalized service from US-based reps eager to help custom tailor a solution to meet your needs. Our experienced team of industry professionals knows what it takes to help you get more from your GPS fleet tracker.

When you work with ETA Systems, you’re not just buying a fleet tracking system; you’re investing in the performance of your fleet and in a partner dedicated to making sure you outpace and outperform the competition.

Benefits of Fleet Tracking Systems

Fleet GPS Tracking Software that Drives Performance and Efficiency

Focused on performance, our GPS tracking solutions empower fleet managers to track supplies, equipment, employees, and vehicles easily.

  • Boost efficiency with optimized use of fleet vehicles and other assets
  • Gain real-time clarity on fleet utilization across your entire service area
  • Improve fleet and vehicle uptime with better maintenance planning
  • Improve accuracy of billed hours for labor or transport
  • Better security (always know the ‘who’, ‘what’, ‘where’, ‘when’, and ‘how’ your fleet and other equipment is being used
  • Proactively encourage safe driving behaviors to reduce liability and insurance costs

GPS Fleet Tracker

Data-Driven GPS Tracking for Fleets

With ETA Systems’ GPS-powered vehicle fleet tracking, you can take back control of fleet management, optimizing performance with an intuitive GPS system that gives you insight into the metrics that matter most.

Deploy, track and manage fleets with improved accuracy and better results.

HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, and other types of service contractors rely on fleets of commercial work vehicles to get to and from customers’ properties and worksites. Knowing where each vehicle is at any given time is a mission-critical element of operations.

Our best-in-class vehicle fleet GPS tracking solution is cost-effective and reliable, helping businesses better manage and allocate resources in the most optimal way.

If your business relies on fleets of commercial vehicles in your day-to-day operation, you already know how important it is to stay tapped into where these assets are, where they are going, and when you anticipate they’ll reach their destination. 

With our GPS fleet tracking software, you gain real-time insight into your entire fleet’s movement, providing you with the data needed to make better business decisions.

Trusted By Fleet Managers Across a Wide Range of Industries

You Can Count on Us for:

  • Unbeatable support, 24/7
  • Dedicated and experienced GPS agents
  • Affordable and transparent pricing
  • No long-term contracts
  • Extensive industry experience
  • Tailored solutions uniquely designed to address your business needs
  • Flexible configurations
  • Weatherproof technology for any conditions

An Unrivaled Solution for HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, and Other Contractors

Track Your Fleet and Assets, Anywhere, at Any Time

Setting the gold standard for GPS fleet tracking software, our fleet tracking solutions have effectively and reliably tracked more than 250,000 assets worldwide, including fleets serving a wide range of industries.

Contractors and fleet-heavy businesses rely on knowing where their vehicles and assets are at all times. We create custom solutions to help these clients overcome their largest hurdles regarding fleet tracking, use, and allocation.

Committed to helping customers improve performance, our GPS fleet tracking solutions empower you to make better decisions on how your fleet inventory is utilized daily, using real-time information to drive results.

Better Data Means Better Decisions

A Centralized System for More Efficient Operations

Having the right information at the right time can mean the difference between making impactful business decisions or running into costly mistakes. Our GPS system gives you the information you need to understand how fleet operations impact key aspects of the business in real-time.

  • Keep apprised of the fleet utilization reports
  • Sidestep unnecessary expenses or overuse
  • Better understand how fleet use impacts KPIs
  • Optimize maintenance schedules to avoid costing breakdowns, repairs, and vehicle downtime

Better Fleet Utilization

Gain Clarity On How Your Fleet is Being Used

Never be left wondering where your fleet and assets are being utilized. Gain clarity into productivity, labor hours, travel times, and more. 

In today’s competitive landscape, every mile, every minute, and every ounce of gas matters. Underutilizing resources can eat away at your bottom line, while idle vehicles in your fleet can chip away at efficiency and productivity.

Keep your thumb on the pulse of every moving vehicle in your fleet, giving you the insight needed to focus on what matters most.

Manage Equipment Uptime and Avoid Delays

Prevent Downtime and Fleet Breakdowns 

Unexpected fleet repairs and breakdowns can cause costly delays, resulting in increased costs, loss of reputation, and disgruntled customers. Keeping apprised of mileage added to each vehicle can assist you in planning optimal maintenance routines that enable you to prevent downtime proactively.

Security and Anti-theft Solution 

Prevent Theft and Unauthorized Use While Increasing the Odds of Vehicle Recovery 

In today’s economy, commercial fleets are a lucrative target for would-be thieves. Criminals know these vehicles often contain valuable equipment, tools, and other assets that can be pawned for a premium. GPS tracking solutions ensure that you always know when a vehicle in your fleet is being accessed, is left behind, or is being used in a way not authorized by yourself or your company.

Security Features Include:

  • The ability to establish a geographic territory for authorized use 
  • The ability to designate restricted hours of operation 
  • Real-time alerts any time an asset has unauthorized movement 
  • Track utilization and location 

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a good GPS Fleet Tracker?

A good GPS fleet tracker will be supported by highly experienced local reps offering personalized services to meet the needs of the fleet owner.

How can a business improve fleet utilization?

A business can improve fleet utilization by monitoring travel times, labor hours, and productivity and comparing current trends to historical averages.