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Efficiently track and manage high-value assets with an easy-to-use GPS tracking software & devices engineered for performance

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GPS Asset Tracking System

We’re empowering businesses with data-driven solutions that help them more efficiently and accurately manage, deploy, track, and protect their assets.

The assets in your company are vital components of operation. From machinery and construction equipment to vehicle fleets and electronic equipment, knowing where these assets are at any given time is mission-critical.

ETA Systems, Inc. offers affordable, reliable, and accurate GPS asset tracking software to manage and allocate resources more efficiently at home base or on job sites worldwide. If your company relies on heavy or light equipment, vehicle fleets, electronic devices, and more, you know just how important it is to have your finger on the pulse of what these assets are doing, where they are doing it, and for how long.

Our GPS asset software provides you with a bird’s eye view of the entire ecosystem of assets, giving you real-time information and feedback you can use to make better business decisions.

GPS Asset Tracking Software

Empowering Businesses with Asset Tracking Features Designed to Drive Performance and Efficiency

Your businesses’ assets drive production, performance, and revenue. Are you tired of operating blindly, presuming that the tools and assets you deploy to job sites are where they should be at any given moment?

  • Gain real-time clarity on assets across multiple locations
  • Improve equipment and asset uptime
  • Drive efficiency with better use of equipment and machinery
  • Ensure accurate billing and fees for asset use
  • Encourage safe driving and operational behavior
  • Reduce risks associated with breakdowns and accidents
  • Increase security (who/what/where assets are being used)

A Performance-Minded Solution for Businesses Across a Wide Range of Verticals

Take back control of asset management and optimize performance with a leading GPS asset tracking system that puts you back in control of what matters most.

Protect your company’s most valued assets with a reliable and easy-to-use asset tracking software solution that:

  • Was designed for ease of use
  • Features an intuitive performance dashboard highlighting key information 
  • Automates alerts when assets are moved or put into action 
  • Provides key insights on asset allocation, efficiency, use, performance, and location 
  • Is simple to install and set up 
  • Works well in both remote and urban areas

Big or Small, We Track it All

Our GPS Asset trackers make understanding how resources and assets are being used a breeze. We make it easy to keep track of the equipment and supplies that matter most to your operation, no matter what line of work your company is in.

Common assets our clients track include:

Heavy Equipment

Including but not limited to excavators, track bulldozers, graders, backhoes, scrapers, trenchers, cranes, mixers, and pavers.

Light Equipment 

Efficiently keep tabs on lulls, plows, bobcats, forklifts, and more.

Containers and Trailers

Reliably track modal units, shipping containers, lowboys, flatbeds, removable goosenecks, utility trailers, construction trailers, flatbeds, drop decks, and more.

Leave-Behinds and Towables 

Always know where power generators, waste disposal bins, compressors, track light stacks, power packs, and more are located.

Marine Vessels and Watercrafts 

On land or in the water, our asset tracking software can accurately track tugboats, commercial fishing vessels, barge containers, and other commercial marine vessels used in your business.

Farm Equipment and Tools

Farmland can span thousands of square acres, making it difficult to track what’s in the field and in the barn. Easily track combines, tractors, spreaders, irrigation units, sprayers, bailers, and more.

Electronic Equipment 

Today, technology drives innovation, production, and performance. But it also means lots of electronic equipment spread across multiple departments and several locations. Easily track everything from laptops and drones to speakers, lighting equipment, soundboards, and more

Rental Equipment 

Does your business rent equipment from time to time? Make sure rental equipment is utilized most cost-effectively, reducing churn rates and increasing productivity.

Track customers based on usage hours and receive alerts if the equipment is utilized outside the agreed-upon location or hours of operation.

Examples of Other Assets:

  • Drop decks
  • Boat trailers 
  • Concession stands
  • Auto haulers 
  • Commodity trailers 
  • Dumpsters 
  • Tanks
  • Travel trailers

Improved Asset Utilization

Gain Clarity Into Asset Use

Always know where your resources are, and use this added visibility to improve performance and increase productivity.

Inefficient use of assets, idle machines or equipment, and underutilized resources eat at profits, increase costs, and reduce the time to completion of projects.

With our GPS tracking system, you’ll have your thumb on the pulse of every moving piece on the ‘chessboard’, allowing you to focus on what matters most and helping you get more from each piece of equipment.

Better Data Means Better Decisions

One System to Easily Monitor Equipment Use and Engine Hours

Accurate, timely data results in better business decisions, with our system providing you unmatched insight into operations and how equipment and machinery is being utilized in the field or on location.

  • Stay up to date with laser-accurate utilization reports
  • Avoid costly and unnecessary deployment or equipment rentals
  • Gain a better understanding of key performance indicators
  • Improve maintenance scheduling to avoid costly downtime and bottlenecks

Manage Equipment Uptime and Avoid Delays

It’s time you took a proactive stance on maintenance scheduling

Equipment failure and breakdowns often cause unexpected and costly delays, resulting in operational bottlenecks that slow production. 

Keep abreast of equipment hours in use for each asset, giving you critical information on when each asset is approaching its service/maintenance date and allowing you to preempt breakdowns proactively.

A Trusted Security and Anti-theft Solution

Eliminate Unauthorized Use, Prevent Theft, and Increase the Chance of Asset Recovery

Assets from electronics to heavy machinery are high-value, high-reward targets for would-be criminals. In other cases, the equipment can mistakenly get left behind or loaded on a competitor’s truck. GPS tracking solutions ensure you always know where an asset is being used, and whether or not it is where it’s supposed to be.

Security Features Include:

  • Ability to establish a geographic boundary for use
  • Ability to set up restricted hours of operation
  • Receive real-time alerts any time an asset has unauthorized movement
  • Track utilization

An Unrivaled Solution for Businesses Needing to Keep Track of Assets with GPS

Track Anything, Anywhere, at Any Time 

As a leader in GPS asset tracking systems for businesses big and small, we have successfully and reliably tracked over 250,000 assets for clients around the world.

Taking a solutions-oriented approach, we work with each client to create a tailored solution for their most pressing asset allocation, use, and tracking challenges.

Take Back Control of Your Asset Tracking and Management 

We’re committed to helping your business drive performance, providing GPS tracking products and solutions that give you the insight needed to make better business decisions.

Tap into the power of integrated GPS tracking that keeps operations running smoothly and efficiently with no downtime.

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Find out why so many businesses trust our company to help them stay competitive, drive performance, reduce downtime, limit risk, and boost the bottom line.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an asset tracking system?

Asset tracking systems are similar to vehicle GPS systems and those integrated on cell phones. They are engineered to help businesses manage, monitor, and track powered and non-powered equipment with real-time data.

Asset tracking systems can be used to monitor use, ensure proper allocation of resources, optimize performance, reduce bottlenecks, eliminate risks (breakdowns, theft, etc.), ensure accurate billing, and more.

How does asset tracking software work?

Requiring NO downtime, our GPS trackers can be easily installed on any asset (powered or non-powered, big or small). These trackers send information to the software/dashboard regarding location coordinates, engine use hours, and status.

Why is it important to track assets?

Tracking assets enables you to improve utilization, reduce fuel costs, limit downtime, plan maintenance, eliminate bottlenecks, provide more accurate billing, forecast results, reduce risks of theft or misplacement, and more.

What is the Best Way to Track Assets?

GPS tracking is the best way to track physical assets. This form of tracking is undeniably accurate, resilient, and efficient, enabling you to track large and small assets worldwide.
These systems and software act as a virtual ‘eye in the sky’, giving you a comprehensive bird’s eye view of what is where.