What makes our GPS Fleet Tracking different?

Benefits of GPS Tracking

  • Stop excessive idling

  • Stop gas theft

  • Stop personal use

  • Stop side-jobs

  • Stop joy-ridding

  • Stop employee time theft

  • Stop speeding and harsh driving

  • Stop sleeping in vehicles

  • Stop long lunch breaks

GPS Tracker

GPS Trackers

  • Stop vehicle and asset theft

  • Stop calling for ETA to job

  • Stop employees from going to bars

  • Stop employees from leaving work early


  • Start increasing billable hours

  • Start verifying employee time cards

  • Start reducing overtime

  • Start letting drivers take vehicles home

GPS Systems

GPS Systems

GPS Tracking Demo

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  • Start dispatching nearest vehicle

  • Start analyzing driver routes

  • Start verifying time at jobsite

  • Start tracking asset engine hours

  • Start seeing all vehicles in real-time

  • Start saving 15 % - 20 % on fuel bill

  • Start receiving real-time alerts

  • Start receiving critical reports

  • Start saving time and money


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ETA Systems, Inc. sells and supports over fifty different types of GPS Trackers. We also offer multiple Web-Based Real Time GPS Tracking platforms. Our customers get to choose their own GPS Trackers and Service Plan that best fits their budgets and needs compared to other GPS Tracking companies that have adopted the cookie-cutter, one size fits all model. Unlike other GPS Tracking companies our entire staff at ETA Systems is salaried as opposed to commission based which in turn cultivates a “consultative and problem solving” environment versus the “pushy sales” environment most experience when dealing with our competitors. At ETA Systems we work the problem….not the customer! This has been a widely successful business model for us and is greatly appreciated by potential customers who are seeking real solutions to their problems.


Our staff is hand-picked and recruited from industries such as HVAC, plumbing, electrical, service, utilities, transportation & delivery, heavy equipment, cranes, heavy hauling, power generation, pumps and oil & gas so that we are better able to understand and resolve the challenges that face these industries.


We are very proud of the fact that we do not sell proprietary GPS Trackers which in turn gives our customers the freedom to leave their current GPS Tracking platform and transfer over to one of our other web-based GPS Tracking platform. This also protects companies from being stuck with useless "GPS Tracking paper weights" if their GPS tracking provider goes bust or discontinues supporting their hardware.


Not happy with your current provider or not sure if you are getting a good deal; give us a call to see if we can put your existing GPS Trackers on one of our platforms. If not, you can still trade them in towards brand new ones. Here at ETA Systems we always strive to help you find the best GPS trackers, system and plan that meet both your needs and budget.