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Making Field Asset Management Easy, Efficient, and Performance Driven

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Comprehensive GPS Construction Equipment GPS Tracking Solutions

Empowering construction and heavy equipment companies to effectively track, manage and protect their fleet with the touch of a button.

Your heavy machinery works hard to keep the wheels of commerce turning, acting as a vital asset for your company.

At ETA Systems, Inc., we offer a comprehensive total fleet solution aimed at simplifying logistical management of heavy equipment at base, or in the field.

If you manage fleets of heavy equipment and/or vehicles, you understand just how vital it is to know exactly where everything is, what it’s doing, and when it’s expected to reach its destination. We connect you to your entire ecosystem of vehicles and machinery, enabling you to gain a bird’s eye comprehensive view of all your assets in real-time.

Capitalize on Core Benefits that Drive Value for Construction Companies:

Enhanced asset visibility across multiple job sites

Improved equipment uptime

Maximize the efficiency of assets 

More accurate billing practices 

Tools for encouraging and managing safe driving behavior 

A Small But Impactful Solution for Large Machinery

Protect your company’s prized (and most expensive) assets with a simple, reliable, and affordable solution that is:

  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Features an interactive dashboard highlighting key information
  • Offers insightful data on usage, efficiency, performance, and location
  • Alerts you to movement and activity
  • Simple to install, without any downtime in operations
  • Works in both urban as well as remote areas

Always Know Where Your Equipment and Vehicles Are

Boost Visibility and Drive Productivity and Performance

You know better than anyone that underutilized and idle machines, as well as the crews that run them, mean lost productivity, reduced profits, and deadline extensions. With GPS tracking of heavy equipment, you can always be in the know, focusing on what matters most and ensuring that you’re assets and resources are being efficiently managed to result in optimal performance.

Make Better (data-driven) Decisions with Information

Crew location and assignment

Asset location monitoring and relocation orders

Vehicle and machinery tracking

Reliably Tack Every Construction Vehicle and Asset in Your Inventory

GPS Trackers are compatible with all types of heavy equipment and construction assets Including but not limited to:

  • Backhoes
  • Trenchers
  • Scrapers
  • Excavators
  • Pavers
  • Bulldozers
  • Graders
  • Cranes
  • Mixers
  • And more…

Tracking that Drives Performance and Supports Business Initiatives

More than just peace of mind, ETA Systems’ GPS Tracking Solutions Boost Efficiency, Drive Performance, and Bolster the Bottom Line

Solving business or billing disputes with a documented record of equipment location and use

Eliminate wasted time on yard check and accounting for inventory

Optimize equipment use with scheduled maintenance and reminders

Eliminate idle times and reduce fuel consumption by up to 20%

Keep a watchful eye on start and finish times for contractors, operators, and employees

Secure your assets against unauthorized use with ‘after hour’ alerts

Recover misplaced, lost, or stolen equipment by pinpointing its exact location

Optimize Payroll and Customer Billing

Capture worked hours automatically with construction equipment GPS tracking that tells you when it was in use, for how long, and on what job site. Enhance the accuracy of your accounts payable and receivable, backed by fail-proof data that can be easily audited.

  • Enhance billing accuracy
  • Assist with audits and reporting
  • Ensure timely payroll
  • Evaluate daily reports for opportunities

Stay In Front of Accidents, Customer Concerns, and Rising Insurance Premiums

Safety is a top priority for businesses that use heavy machinery. With lives at stake, any reduction in risk is typically a welcomed addition. Similarly, safe fleet operation can aid in reducing costs associated with damaged equipment, downtime, insurance claims/premiums, and more. Equipment telematics can also help businesses take a proactive stance on addressing customer issues or concerns before they turn into larger problems.

  • Train drivers based on real-world data
  • Be advised of speeding or other alerts
  • Review dashcam footage to aid with operational performance

Better Asset Utilization

One System to Rule them All – easily monitor equipment and engine hours

Along with better visibility into equipment use, this data provides you with vital information necessary for making smarter operational decisions regarding when and how heavy machinery and equipment is utilized.

  • Keep informed with accurate utilization reports
  • Avoid unnecessary equipment rental or deployment
  • Gain insight on data needed to provide more accurate bids
  • Better maintenance scheduling

Improve Equipment Uptime

Take a Proactive Stance on Maintenance Scheduling

Unexpected issues with machinery can cause significant bottlenecks leading to missed deadlines, higher costs, lost revenue, and dissatisfied customers. With telematics, you can keep abreast of asset maintenance needs, proactively preempting breakdowns and improving efficiency.

Security You Can Rely On

Prevent Unauthorized Use or Theft

Heavy machinery are high-value targets for would-be thieves. GPS tracking solutions for construction and heavy equipment will alert you to unauthorized operation day or night.

Establish geographic boundaries

Set up allowable operating hours

Get real-time alerts regarding unauthorized movement

Track utilization

The Best Solution for Construction Equipment GPS Tracking

Track Anything…Anytime….Anywhere.

As a leader in GPS Fleet and Asset Tracking, as well as Dash Cam technology, we have successfully helped clients track over 250,000 assets around the world.

Taking a consultative approach, we work with you to deliver customized solutions that uniquely address your specific concerns, needs, and budget.

Committed to your success, we provide you with GPS tracking products that give you the information, data, and insight needed to make better business decisions, ultimately resulting in increased efficiency, improved security, better utilization, reduced costs, and a better bottom line.

Leverage the power of our integrated tracking solutions to keep job sites running smoothly day in and day out.

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