About Us

A Leader in the GPS Fleet Tracking and Dash Cam Industry Since 2005

ETA Systems, Inc. is headquartered in beautiful Orlando, FL and has been leader in the GPS Fleet Tracking and Dash Cam Industry since 2005.

Our GPS Telematic Systems are tracking more than 250,000 vehicles, heavy equipment, aircraft, boats and assets throughout the world.

ETA Systems, Inc. sells and supports over one hundred GPS Trackers and Cameras plus we offer several different GPS Telematic Systems, so our customers get to choose their own GPS Trackers, Dash Cams and Software Plan(s) which best fit their budgets and needs. Our team always takes a consultative approach when dealing with new opportunities unlike our competitors who use pushy, high-pressure sales tactics to close deals and move on.

Many of our team members have been with us for over ten years and have a wealth of real-world industry knowledge.

We are committed to taking care of our customers 24/7 and that’s why each customer is assigned a personal team member which includes their cell number for 24/7 direct access. Mr. Reilly is always available and encourages our customers to call him directly if they ever have an issue that is not resolved in a timely manner.

Mr. Reilly is an Orlando native who started his career thirty years ago as a land surveyor whereas he was first introduced to GPS for surveying and then saw the value in using it to monitor fleets. He later moved on to business consulting where he implemented numerous GPS Tracking projects and was eventually promoted to VP of a prestigious consulting firm in Boston, MA. After overseeing many GPS Tracking consulting projects Mr. Reilly realized that GPS Tracking was going to be a huge industry with huge opportunities and resigned his position to develop a new startup business ETA Systems, Inc.

Please feel free to call me directly and ask for “Reilly” 407.415.4355 Ext 1

Michael J Reilly