Frequently Asked Questions

What is GPS?

The Global Positioning System (GPS) consist of 27 Earth-orbiting satellites. The U.S. military developed the satellite network as a military navigation system but now let’s everyone use the signals.

How does GPS work?

GPS satellites send low voltage signals down to earth which the GPS Tracker receives. Then the GPS Tracker uses these signals to triangulate its position by measuring the amount of time it took for each satellite’s signal to reach the tracker.

How does a GPS Tracking System work?

Once the GPS Tracker knows its position it then transmits this and other data such as speed, heading, elevation, ignition status, vehicle diagnostics, etc. to our GPS Tracking System via a cellular network. Our GPS Tracking System then parsers out this data and plots the vehicle’s position onto the map.

Who installs the GPS Trackers?

Most companies prefer to install their own units because of how simple it is. A typical install will use three wires, black-ground, red-power and white-ignition.

Can we hide the GPS Trackers from our drivers?

Yes. There are no external antennas and the GPS Devices are hidden within the dashboard.

What about GPS Cell Phone Tracking?

Although we do offer this service we advise against doing so since most companies that track their employees’ phones eventually switch over to wired GPS Trackers that are mounted in company vehicles for three reasons.

1.      Employees learn to manipulate their cell phones to game the system.

2.      Employees are unable to manipulate wired devices in vehicles.

3.      More comprehensive reporting such as idling & vehicle preventative maintenance.

What type of GPS Tracking System should I choose?

Make sure that the GPS Tracking Company does not use proprietary GPS Trackers. This will protect you from being stuck with useless GPS Trackers if that company goes out of business, quits supporting those devices or if you ever want to leave that company and move your devices over to a different GPS Tracking System.