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Boat Tracker

Boat GPS Tracker

Recon Probe

Mounts outside with no external GPS/Cell antennas.

IP66 sealed rugged enclosure.

Shock/Vibration: U.S. Military 202G & 810F, SAE J1455 

Logs & stores engine hours internally.

Monitor 3 inputs & 3 outputs.

Ignition On/Off, PTO & others.

Stores & forwards data when out of coverage.

Up to 500 reports and 6 months on backup battery

6 to 32 VDC.

Built-in motion sensor.

Self programs on power-up.


Receive Instant SMS/Email Alerts.

​Geofence Alert: Instant notification whenever the boat leaves the dock or storage area.

Curfew Alert: Instant notification of engine-start during off hours.​
Tamper Alert: Instant notification when the GPS Tracker is being tampered with.
Internal Back-Up Battery: When power is lost the back-up battery kicks-in and will last up to 6 months.