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We needed to remotely track our cranes' locations, engine hours and CANbus diagnostic codes for billing and preventative maintenance. In the beginning we thought about going with the GPS that that each crane manufacturer offered but decided against it because of the high cost. Plus we really only wanted one GPS system for all the cranes....not one for each make.


We went with ETA Systems after looking at several different GPS tracking systems and actually buying and trying two out because we felt like ETA had a better understanding of our industry and needs. Not to mention the incredible service and support that we have received from ETA. I would highly recommend ETA Systems for any crane company that needs this type of service. ​
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The tracking system is really easy to use and once the GPS trackers were installed we starting netting an additional $480 per van each month.



Garbage truck



I wanted to know for sure that my drivers were not messing around out there. With this GPS system we are able to see what route they take, the time they arrive and leave each stop and if they idle too long. Our fuel costs have been cut by 15 percent. We can also use the system as a virtual time card to determine the hours worked each week.


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Climate Systems


Our techs are averaging seven more calls per week and overtime has been cut in half. We have become so dependent on the GPS tracking that I really can't imagine not having it. One of the main advantages is the ability to see the vehicles moving around on a large flat screen monitor that we mounted in the office so as calls come in dispatch is able to route the nearest available tech and provide the customer an instant eta.

Operations Manager

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Williams Heating & Air


The GPS system paid for itself the very first month. Our monthly fuel consumption has dropped by more than 20 % and overtime has gone way down while the field crew production has skyrocketed.

With all the automated reports and alerts we are now better able to manage our field force without having to spend much time in the tracking system. ETA Systems was very helpful and friendly and never once made myself or my staff feel dumb while learning the tracking system despite our issues when it comes to learning new software programs. Thank you ETA Systems for all of your patience.


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Washington County


Speeding and scheduled maintenance reminders were our priorities when shopping for a GPS tracking system. This system immediately notifies us when a bus is speeding, is due for maintenance or an engine trouble code has been generated. Although we have not had the system very long we all our very impressed to date and I expect that we will continue to find new ways to utilize the system to our benefit.

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Nerf Logistics


We have always found ETA Systems to be available for help whenever we call which is the primary reason we elected to go with them. In this day and age its nice to be able to pick up the phone and speak to someone in the U.S. versus someone in another country. This GPS tracking system does everything we need from tracking our trucks in real time to letting us know exactly where and when a drop was made or picked up. We also have them on many of our trailers which helps us keep better tabs on where they are at.