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ETA Systems, Inc. is headquartered in beautiful Orlando, FL and has been a leader in the GPS Fleet Tracking business since 2005. Our GPS Systems are tracking more than 22,000 vehicles, cranes, heavy equipment, aircraft, boats and fixed assets throughout the world.

ETA Systems, Inc. sells and supports over fifty GPS Trackers and several different Web-Based GPS Tracking Systems so our customers get to choose their own GPS Trackers and GPS Tracking/Service Plan(s) which best fit their budgets and needs, not the ones that make sales reps the most money. Our reps will always take a consultative approach as opposed to applying pushy sales tactics when dealing with new opportunities so with us you never have to worry about being pushed around by a rude sales rep.



​Please feel free to call me directly and ask for "Reilly" 407.415.4355 


Michael J Reilly

Managing Director